Snap Vehicle Monitoring

Wheraboutsvehicles is a vehicle GPS Tracking provider which aims to surpass all of what is in existence. The Whereaboutsvehicles service includes the basics of the GPS tracking together with advancements plus a bulk of components and benefits.

The vehicle tracking technology has proven its worth among households and businesses. For businesses, it is the easiest way to improve profit, customer service, routing, and efficiency. Over the past 10 or more years, the GPS vehicle tracking has upgraded remarkably thus now it has become more affordable and so much easy to use. Small to large-scaled businesses have taken advantage of the vehicle tracking as it has become an asset to companies. To date, businesses who have employed a GPS vehicle tracking technology are:

  • Forwarding Companies
  • Logistics
  • Taxi Companies
  • Driving Schools
  • Construction Companies
  • Delivery Services
  • Distribution Companies
  • and a lot more.

With Whereaboutsvehicles you will be ensured that we do understand your needs thus we have searched, researched and developed a platform which is equipped with a modern and easy to manage user interface. We also boast of our customer service as we always make it a point to satisfy our customers' needs first and foremost; not to mention our excellent turnover and after-sales service. Once installed into your vehicles, you will be able to see where your vehicles are at real-time. It lets you know your vehicles' routes or whereabouts; where they have been going. All these, as they are the basics of the vehicle tracking technology, may be viewed on various maps with satellite images. Accuracy and efficiency, that is what Whereaboutsvehicles is all about.

Whereaboutsvehicle Components:

Map Out

View your vehicles individually or all at one time on our Google Maps. With this, track your vehicles' routes, arrival and departure times and exact location real-time.


A detailed documentation and/or report which proves to be significant in the improvement of business operations. These documentations are reported on a 3-minute interval. These documentations are readily downloadable anytime as you may need it and shall be kept safe and secure for as long as you remain to be a Whereaboutsvehicle subscriber.

Vehicles' Info

A detailed vehicle profile is served on a screen with complete information about your registered vehicle. These details would include: Insurance, Financing & Mortgage, Accidents, Repairs & Maintenance, Drivers' Details and Photo of the Vehicle.


Draw lines and assign limits. You are allowed to create borderlines and assign whether your vehicles may or may not enter such designated areas.


Receive alerts for any and all actions done on your Whereaboutsvehicles account. More so, alerts are sent when your vehicles have entered and departed from your assigned fences; when your drivers have gone wild driving; payment dues for insurances and mortgage and required repairs and maintenance.

Save Data

All data incurred are saved all year round for your reference.

Personal Touch

All these and more may be personalized according to the customers' requirement.